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My name is Elliot Roe (DHP) Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Have you ever wondered how hypnosis could help you to improve your life? In a state of hypnosis you are able to make improvements to your health your lifestyle and your performance in sports or the workplace.

Are you trying to understand why you struggle to lose weight, quit smoking or what makes you sabotage chances of success in love or your profession? Hypnotherapy can help you resolve the issues that have been holding you back and give you a brighter healthier and happier future.  

I am registered with the American board of hypnotherapy,  I’m an experienced and fully qualified Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner and I enjoy using my techniques to promote positive change in my clients lives.

I qualified for hypnotherapy in the UK, where I first developed my skills and interest in poker hypnosis. As my poker hypnosis business began to grow, I moved to Las Vegas: the hub for poker. Where I work with everyone from beginners to world champions. The aim is to improve the mental and psychological aspects of each player’s game.

I also work with many non-poker players, using my hypnotherapy knowledge and skills to help them with a variety of personal, professional, emotional, and mental issues.  

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